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Tapered Capillary tube
Tapered Capillary tube

Adiabatic Tapers


  • Low Loss
  • Tapers up to 130 mm in length
  • Linear, Parabolic, sinusoidal tapers
  • Unlimited taper ratios
  • Tapering large fibers up to 2 mm


  • Sensing
  • Fiber lasers
  • Applicable to SM, MM, LMA, PCF and other fiber types

Product Description

To ensure light remains confined within the core/cladding or cladding, adiabatic tapers are produced. AFL offers fiber components for applications including mode field adapting to minimize splice loss; producing combiners to increase the power in a fiber; creating fiber sensors that utilize the interaction of an external material coming near or in contact with the evanescent wave of a severally tapered fiber; tapering of capillary tubes for unique applications.

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