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19 into 1 combiner
19 into 1 combiner 6+1 into 1 PM combiner 7 in 1 combiner

Fiber Combiners


  • Low loss
  • Customizable by fiber size and number of fibers
  • Unique packaging options
  • May include single fiber such as 6x1 into 1 configurations


  • Combines multiple pumps into a single output fiber
  • Fiber lasers
  • High power amplifiers

Product Description

Used in the fiber laser industry, fiber combiners provide pumping energy for active fiber lasers which allows the largest amount of light into the lasing cavity with the least amount of loss. By tapering several fibers together, the energy from the pump diodes can be coupled into a single fiber and spliced to the active fiber to create a lasing cavity.

AFL creates fiber combiners that ensure low loss with a large amount of light. The AFL processes are adiabatic in design and free from contamination since combiners are sensitive to both.
Fiber Combiner Types Offered by AFL include:
  • 7 into 1
  • 6 + 1 into 1
  • 19 into 1

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