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Brad Hendrix

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Engineering / Optimization Services

Maintenance Services

1mm-to-2mm X LDF Splice
1mm-to-2mm X LDF Splice

Splicing and Cleaving Services


  • Splicing parameter optimization
  • High reliability splice performance
  • Dissimilar fiber splicing
  • Low loss splicing
  • Highly consistent cleaving performance
  • Cleaving fibers from 50-1200 µm


  • Medical devices
  • Telecommunications
  • Military applications
  • Military applications
  • Fiber sensors

Product Description

AFL has the capability to provide custom engineering services for specialty splicing or fiber preparation applications. These services include custom hardware or software design, process improvement consultation, advanced splicer training and maintenance service agreements.

If you need a new optical component and/or require a critical splice, AFL can fabricate spliced components including dissimilar fiber splicing, ball lens, tapers, TEC, combiners and MFAs to accelerate your time to market. 

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