CT-106 Fiber Cleavers


  • 80 - 1,250 μm cladding diameter
  • Automatic clamping system
  • Up to 100 stored program modes
  • 20,000 cleaves per blade for 125 μm fiber
  • Optional adapter for use with FH-100 series fiber holders
  • Fiber backstop standard
  • Communication to a PC via USB

Product Description

When exceptional cleave quality is required for fibers up to 1,250 μm, the new large diameter CT-106 cleaver provides a variety of options depending on your needs. The color LCD shows cleaving progress and recommended insert size depending on fiber coating and cladding diameter. Saving and storing cleaving programs to a PC or tablet is accomplished using a USB port. The LDF cleaver’s extensive programming features allow for optimal results.

Ordering Information

CT-106 Angled Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver (AFL Part No. S016077)
Includes: ADC-19 AC adapter, ACC-09 AC power cord, HEX-01 hex wrench, USB-01 USB Cable and M-CT105 instruction manual

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