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NYFORS AutoCoater™


  • Fully automatic, handling a range of fiber diameters
  • High Recoating Quality
  • Easy mold replacement

Product Description

Designed for high strength applications, the AutoCoater protects splices of acrylate-coated optical fibers. With high productivity and low cost advantages, the AutoCoater is fully automatic, allowing for operator independence in factory environments.

The AutoCoater automatically centers fibers when inserted into the mold. The mold can be exchanged in seconds with no realignment required. Available in different sizes to cover a range of coating diameters, molds can be customized and used more than 50 times (25 times per injection point).

The AutoCoater consists of a custom-designed, adjustable halogen lamp which scans the portion of the fiber to be cured. A 6mm length will be cured in about 10 to 20 seconds depending on the properties of the resin. The acrylate is cured through the walls of the transparent mold with a typical curing time of 15 to 60 seconds depending on the resin properties and the length of the recoated part.

The automatic tensile strength tester supports forces up to 20N with presets for the level of strength, pulling rate and time at maximum force. Linear clamps are carefully designed so that the primary coating is not flattened. Two adjustable clamping forces are available and the strongest force is only applied during the tensile strength test. The standard clamp is designed for coating diameters of 250 to 900µm. When changing the recoating diameter, adjustments are not needed within this range for the clamps or the AutoCoater. The clamps contain an insert that can be exchanged in seconds if a different coating diameter is required.

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