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SIBGL-A02-Section-Insulator SIBGL-A10-Section-Insulator SIBGL-A11-Section-Insulator SIHS-A01-Section-Insulator SINB-A01-Section-Insulator SINB-A02-Section-Insulator

Section Insulators for Overhead Contact Systems


  • Made to adapt to a variety of system configurations
  • Manufactured of the highest quality and strength of ferrous or non-ferrous materials available
  • Attachment hardware includes high-strength silicon bronze, high-grade steel or stainless steel for maximum efficiency and reduction of wear


  • Solutions for accommodating 25 kV AC high-speed phase breaks
  • Solutions for accommodating DC light rail moderate-speed units
  • Solutions for accommodating DC trolley installations
  • Custom configurations also available

Product Description

AFL understands the need for Section Insulators and supporting hardware for the variety of configurations incorporated into each OCS system. AFL manufactures and provides for complete Section Insulator solutions to accommodate the Rail industry. Whether your application requires a solution for installation into existing applications or new installation requirements, AFL can provide a solution to fit your need. 
AFL provides solutions for Light Rail 750 VDC to 1,500 VDC moderate speed applications all the way to high speed 25 kV AC applications and phase breaks. If you have a unique application and need expert advice, you can rely on AFL engineering to provide the appropriate remedy.

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