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Verrillon Optical Fiber

Margaret Sullivan

+1 (508) 890-7113



VHM3000 Series Harsh Environment Fibers


  • 50/125 graded-index multimode fiber for harsh environments such as oil wells
  • Excellent resistance to hydrogen darkening at high temperatures and partial pressures of hydrogen
  • High bandwidth allows sensor systems to achieve extremely short spatial resolutions
  • Suitable for downhole temperature monitoring applications
  • Excellent for DTS systems operating in the 1064nm spectral region
  • Available in all Verrillon’s harsh environments coatings including carbon coating
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Product Description

Verrillon® VHM3000 Series is a family of graded-index multimode fibers exhibiting exceptional resistance to hydrogen at high temperatures in hydrogen-rich applications. The true hydrogen resistance is a result of modified glass chemistry. Additionally, the graded-index design provides very high bandwidth for optimum DTS measurement in downhole applications. The VHM3000 Series is available with a variety of Verrillon coatings including Polyimide, Silicone/PFA and Mid-Temp acrylates. Typically, these fibers are used in down-hole data logging, distributed sensing and imaging applications.

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