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Verrillon Optical Fiber

Margaret Sullivan

+1 (508) 890-7113



VHS500 Series Harsh Environment Fibers


  • Optimized for 1550 nm Single Wavelength Operation
  • Pure Silica Core chemistry for improved performance in hydrogen-rich environments
  • Greater than 50x bend loss improvement at 1550 nm over standard SMF
  • MFD compatible with standard SMF for ease of splicing and minimal splice loss
  • Available with all Verrillon harsh environment coatings


  • Downhole in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Cabling processes with tight bending requirements
  • Harsh environment, hydrogen-rich applications
  • Tight bend fiber installations
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Product Description

Verrillon® VHS500 is a pure silica core single-mode design available with all Verrillon harsh environment coating combinations, including Polyimide, Silicone-PFA, Silicone-MTA, MTDA and Carbon, which can be applied in conjunction with any of these polymeric coatings. Typically, these fibers are used in downhole distributed sensing techniques for temperature, pressure, acoustics and seismic, as well as in data logging and imaging applications.
Our carbon-coated optical fibers provide exceptionally high levels of hermeticity compared to commercial fibers. We provide extensive data that demonstrates the performance of our fiber in simulated well conditions.
Consistent with our founding principles, we specialize in application-optimized fibers, providing our customers unmatched flexibility in their system design and performance.

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