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Verrillon Optical Fiber

Margaret Sullivan

+1 (508) 890-7113


Medical Sensing Fibers
Medical Sensing Fibers

Medical Sensing Fibers


  • Available in reduced diameter for Small Form Factor medical devices used in minimally-invasive interventions
  • High numerical apertures provide extremely low bend-loss for tight bend requirements in small footprint, compact packaging
  • Multimode and Single-Mode designs available
  • Custom index profiles and cladding diameters available

Product Description

Verrillon® Medical Sensing Series is a family of multimode and single-mode optical fibers designed for advanced devices used in a variety of atraumatic medical procedures such as diagnostic, visualization and tissue ablation applications. These fibers are offered with polyimide coating, as well as other coatings for use in a broader range of temperatures. Additionally, Verrillon Medical Sensing Fibers are available in 80 μm and 125 μm cladding diameters with numerical apertures (NA) from 0.10 to 0.30, as well as custom index profiles.

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