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Verrillon Optical Fiber

Margaret Sullivan

+1 (508) 890-7113



VPM400 Polarization-Maintaining Fibers


  • Optimized for 1550 nm Single Wavelength Operation
  • Round core
  • Elliptical Clad designs provide high birefringence allowing the fiber to have an extremely short beat-length, excellent for high-precision gyroscopes
  • Radiation-Resistant “Rad-Hard”
  • Available in 80 μm clad diameter


  • Fiber optic gyroscopes
  • Fiber lasers
  • Current sensors
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Product Description

Verrillon® VPM400 Series is a family of Polarization-Maintaining (PM) Optical Fibers based on the Elliptical-Clad stress technology. These fibers exhibit extremely high birefringence resulting in beat lengths shorter than 2 mm at 1550 nm. VPM400 fibers show significantly lower attenuation at 1550 nm than other PM fiber designs. These fibers are available in various designs and operating wavelengths, as well cladding dimensions including 50, 80 and 125 microns.

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