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Verrillon Optical Fiber

Margaret Sullivan

+1 (508) 890-7113



VPZ600 Single-Polarization Fibers


  • 1550 nm polarizing wavelength, > 30 dB extinction ratio
  • Round core
  • Elliptical Clad design is unique among the few polarizing fibers available.
  • Available in 125 μm clad diameter
  • MFD compatible with standard SMF for minimal splice loss
  • Replace expensive polarizing optics with a small coil of PZ fiber
  • Other polarizing wavelengths available


  • Fiber optic gyroscopes
  • In-line polarizers
  • Fiber lasers
  • Current sensors
  • Super luminescent sources
  • Fiber pigtails
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Product Description

Single-Polarization (PZ) fibers propagate one, and only one polarization state of the fundamental mode. As opposed to standard and polarization-maintaining single-mode fibers, PZ fibers do not suffer from polarization cross-talk, which makes them highly desirable for applications such as fiber optic gyroscopes, current sensors, coherent communications and fiber lasers. AFL’s unique patented PZ Fiber design offers very broad polarizing bandwidth (~200 nm), high extinction ratio (>30 dB), low attenuation and does not require bending to operate. Because of its circular core design, users can routinely splice, connect and integrate AFL’s PZ fiber into their sensing and communications applications.

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