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Verrillon Optical Fiber

Margaret Sullivan

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175° Coating - Carbon/Silicone/Mid-Temp Acrylate Coating (CSMTA)


  • Easy to strip with mechanical strippers – strips easier than standard acrylate coating
  • Minimal to no residue after stripping – no impact on fusion splicing
  • Colored versions available
  • Does not have a negative impact on bend loss
  • Available with carbon coating for hydrogen and chemical damage prevention
  • Coating combination available in all Verrillon waveguides and glass compositions


  • Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS)
  • Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)
  • Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS)
  • Suitable for application temperatures as high as 175°C
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Product Description

Verrillon’s® traditional fiber coating offering includes materials rated to 150°C (MTDA), 200°C (SPFA) and 300°C (Polyimide). For environments where temperatures are between 150°C and 200°C, Verrillon has introduced its new Carbon/Silicone/Mid-Temp Acrylate coating (CSMTA), designed to address such mid-temperature range applications. This coating combination has been fully qualified for use at 175°C in both long-term exposure and extensive cycling between -40°C and +175°C. In addition to its excellent temperature handling, the 175°C coating exhibits exceptional strippability with traditional mechanical tools due to the unique properties of its primary coating.

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