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Prepaid Calibration and Calibration Plus Plans


  • Discounted annual calibrations
  • Express service for calibrations
  • Software refresh
  • Cal Plus plans cover replacement of worn accessories

Product Description

Prepaid Calibration Plans

 Recommended Calibration Interval for AFL Test & Inspection products

In keeping with ISO certification guidelines, AFL recommends the following calibration intervals for AFL Test & Inspection products:

• 3-year Calibration Interval for OPM, CSM1, OLS, CSS1, OFI, and VFI products
• 1-year Calibration Interval for all other AFL Test & Inspection products

AFL provides calibration recommendations as guidance for our customers. It is the responsibility of customers to determine actual calibration intervals used comply with internal corporate ISO requirements. Additionally, contractors providing services may be held to more frequent calibration intervals per contractual agreements with their

AFL recognizes many customers prefer annual calibration for all their Test and Inspection instruments. To support our customers AFL offers pre-paid calibration plans for AFL Test & Inspection products. Pre-paid plans allow customers to factor two annual calibrations into initial purchase order ensuring they will have a calibrated tool for three years without the hassle (and potential delay) of seeking internal purchase approval for necessary future calibrations.

Annual calibrations performed at AFL calibration facilities ensure that you are getting the most out of your test equipment and that your equipment is
operating at AFL specifications.

Cal Plans

• Two annual calibrations at a discounted price.
• Express calibration return service

Note: Cal Plans cover cost of service work. Customer is responsible for in-coming and return freight.

Cal Plus Plans

• Cal Plan benefits plus addition of a 2 year extended warranty.
• Return freight paid by AFL

Warranty Terms and Conditions

• OPM, OLS, OFI, and VFI products are warranted against defective material and workmanship for a period of (5)* five years from the date of delivery to the end user.

• All other AFL products are warranted against defective material and workmanship for a period of (1) one year from the date of delivery to the end user.

• Any product that is found defective within the warranty period will, at the discretion of AFL, be repaired or replaced. Warranty will be voided if the product has been repaired or altered by other than an authorized AFL product repair facility, if the void sticker has been compromised, or which have been subject to misuse, negligence, or accident. In no case shall AFL liabilities exceed the original purchase price.

Ordering Information


Models Product 2 YR Cal Plan  PN  2 YR Cal Plus Plan PN
C-Series Certification Products C840 CAL2-00-C840  
C850 CAL2-00-C850  
C860 CAL2-00-C860  
C880 CAL2-00-C880  
Contractor Series  Loss Test Kits CKM-2 CAL2-00-CKM2 CAL2-01-CKM2
CSM Power Meters CSM1-1 CAL2-00-CSM1-1 CAL2-01-CSM1-1
CSM1-2 CAL2-00-CSM1-2 CAL2-01-CSM1-2
CSM1-3 CAL2-00-CSM1-3 CAL2-01-CSM1-3
CSM1-4 CAL2-00-CSM1-4 CAL2-01-CSM1-4
CSS Light Sources CSS1-MM CAL2-00-CSS1-MM CAL2-01-CSS1-MM
FTK Pro Installer Kits FTK1-01-0900PR CAL2-00-FTK1-0900 CAL2-01-FTK1-0900
FTK1-01-0902PR CAL2-00-FTK1-0902 CAL2-01-FTK1-0902
FTS Talk Sets FTS1 (pair) CAL2-00-FTS1  
FTS2 (pair) CAL2-00-FTS2 CAL2-01-FTS2
M200 OTDR M200-20 CAL2-00-M200-20  
M200-22 CAL2-00-M200-22  
M200-25 CAL2-00-M200-25  
M210 OTDR M210-20U-01 CAL2-00-M210-20  
M210-22U-01 CAL2-00-M210-22  
M210-25K-01-HC1 CAL2-00-M210-25K-HC1  
M210-25K-01-HC2 CAL2-00-M210-25K-HC2  
M210-25U-01 CAL2-00-M210-25  
M700 OTDR M700-20 CAL2-00-M700-20  
M700-21 CAL2-00-M700-21  
M700-24 CAL2-00-M700-24  
M700-25 CAL2-00-M700-25  
MLP Loss Test Kits MLP1-1 CAL2-00-MLP1-1 CAL2-01-MLP1-1
MLP1-2 CAL2-00-MLP1-2 CAL2-01-MLP1-2
MLP4-1 CAL2-00-MLP4-1 CAL2-01-MLP4-1
MLP4-2 CAL2-00-MLP4-2 CAL2-01-MLP4-2
MLP5-2 CAL2-00-MLP5-2 CAL2-01-MLP5-2
OFI Optical Fiber Identifiers OFI-200D CAL2-00-OFI-200D CAL2-01-OFI-200D
OFI-400 CAL2-00-OFI-400 CAL2-01-OFI-400
OFI-400C CAL2-00-OFI-400C CAL2-01-OFI-400C
OFI-400HP CAL2-00-OFI-400HP CAL2-01-OFI-400HP
OFL280 FlexTester OFL 280-100 CAL2-00-OFL2-100 CAL2-01-OFL2-100
OFL 280-101 CAL2-00-OFL2-101 CAL2-01-OFL2-101
OFL 280-102 CAL2-00-OFL2-102 CAL2-01-OFL2-102
OFL 280-103 CAL2-00-OFL2-103 CAL2-01-OFL2-103
OFL250 OTDR OFL250 CAL2-00-OFL250  
OLS Light Sources OLS1-1 CAL2-00-OLS1-1 CAL2-01-OLS1-1
OLS1-2 CAL2-00-OLS1-2 CAL2-01-OLS1-2
OLS4 CAL2-00-OLS4 CAL2-01-OLS4
OLS7-3 CAL2-00-OLS7-3 CAL2-01-OLS7-3
OLTS5 Loss Test Sets OLTS5 -3  CAL2-00-OLTS5-3  
OLTS5 -5  CAL2-00-OLTS5-5  
OLTS5 -6  CAL2-00-OLTS5-6  
OPM Power Meters OPM1-2 CAL2-00-OPM1-2  
OPM1-3 CAL2-00-OPM1-3  
OPM4-1 CAL2-00-OPM4-1 CAL2-01-OPM4-1
OPM4-2 CAL2-00-OPM4-2 CAL2-01-OPM4-2
OPM4-3 CAL2-00-OPM4-3 CAL2-01-OPM4-3
OPM4-4 CAL2-00-OPM4-4 CAL2-01-OPM4-4
OPM5-2 CAL2-00-OPM5-2 CAL2-01-OPM5-2
OPM5-3 CAL2-00-OPM5-3 CAL2-01-OPM5-3
OPM5-4 CAL2-00-OPM5-4 CAL2-01-OPM5-4
SLP Loss Test Kits SLP4-6 CAL2-00-SLP4-6 CAL2-01-SLP4-6
SLP4-6D CAL2-00-SLP4-6D CAL2-01-SLP4-6D
SLP4-7 CAL2-00-SLP4-7 CAL2-01-SLP4-7
SLP5-6 CAL2-00-SLP5-6 CAL2-01-SLP5-6
SLP5-6D CAL2-00-SLP5-6D CAL2-01-SLP5-6D
SLP5-7 CAL2-00-SLP5-7 CAL2-01-SLP5-7
SMLP Loss Test Kits SMLP4-4 CAL2-00-SMLP4-4 CAL2-01-SMLP4-4
SMLP5-5 CAL2-00-SMLP5-5 CAL2-01-SMLP5-5
SVA1 Optical Attenuator SVA1 CAL2-00-SVA1 CAL2-01-SVA1
TACT Network Activation Kits TACT1-4-6D CAL2-00-TACT1-4-6D CAL2-01-TACT1-4-6D
TACT1-4-FH CAL2-00-TACT1-4-FH CAL2-01-TACT1-4-FH
VOA Optical Attenuators VOA5-MM CAL2-00-VOA5-MM  


 Calibration and Repair Facilities

AFL has an authorized calibration/repair facility for AFL products in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. Please contact customer service for a return authorization number prior to sending your AFL test equipment in for repair or calibration.

Fujikura Europe LTD is an Authorized European Repair and Calibration facility for AFL Test and Inspection products and should be contacted directly for service.

Fujikura Asia LTD is an Authorized Asia Pacific Calibration facility for AFL Test and Inspection products and should be contacted directly for product calibrations.


AFL Test & Inspection Division
16 Eastgate Park Road
Belmont, NH 03220


Fujikura Europe Ltd
C51 Barwell Business Park
Leatherhead Road
Chessington, Surrey, KT9 2NY
+44 (0) 208 240 2020


Fujikura Asia Ltd
438A Alexandra Road, #08-03 Blk A,
Alexandra TechnoPark
Singapore 119967
+65 62711312

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