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Do you know where your Test equipment is?

Losing your test equipment is terrible, but it happens. It can break, or even worse, be stolen.

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On the road again?

Multiple roll-outs cost more, waste time and are stressful for all parties.

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Don’t get in the middle of a waiting game.

Testing is not complete until the equipment returns and the test results are downloaded. Download results immediately with aeros.

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Deja vu? Definitely not you.

No need to retest for the new standards requirements. With aeros, apply new test standard to previous results for a new Test/Fail.

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aeRos® is an open, cloud-based, workflow management platform that allows users to easily and efficiently manage their test process from end to end. It facilitates two-way communication and data exchange from engineering to project management to your technician in the field. Project managers can send jobs directly to technicians, defining exactly which tests, configurations and criteria are needed. This reduces both set up time and mistakes in the field, creating real OPEX savings. Throughout the job, managers can monitor a technician’s progress and with real time access to test results, challenges can be addressed immediately avoiding expensive retesting and unnecessary truck rolls. Data is stored immediately and securely in the cloud enabling access to test results when and where needed.


AFL’s ROGUE OLTS Certifier measures insertion loss, return loss, and length bi-directionally to industry standards on both multimode and singlemode networks.