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Calibration & Warranty

Calibration: AFL recommends regular calibrations on Test and Inspection products. ISO certification requires calibrations.  Regular calibrations are performed at calibration facilities to ensure that users are maximizing the performance of their test equipment. These calibration intervals vary by product. Because of the overall durability of AFL products, there has recently been an increase of the recommended calibration intervals on Optical Power Meters (OPM), Optical Light Sources (OLS) and Fiber Identifiers (OFI) from one year to three years.

Warranties: All AFL test equipment products are warranted against defective material and workmanship. Like calibration intervals, warranties vary by product. AFL recently increased the warrant period on Optical Power Meters (OPM), Optical Light Sources (OLS) and Fiber Identifiers (OFI) to five years, at least two years greater than industry standards on these products. 

Featured Products

AFL offers pre-paid calibration plans for Test & Inspection products. Pre-paid plans allow customers to factor two annual calibrations into initial purchase order ensuring they will have a calibrated tool for three years without the hassle of seeking internal purchase approval for necessary future calibrations. Annual calibrations performed at AFL calibration facilities ensure that you are getting the most out of your test equipment and that your equipment is operating at AFL specifications.