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  • High performance cleaning cloth captures dirt particulates
  • Minimizes static attraction
  • Refillable cards with 12 cleanings per card


  • Available for SC, FC, ST, LC and MU connectors with UPC or APC polishes.
  • Accommodates LC, MU and SC duplex connectors
  • Suitable for laboratory or field use

Product Description

Card Cleaner for Fiber Optic Connectors

The OPTIPOP-C cloth card cleaner uses a unique, densely woven micro fiber cloth that provides a superior connector cleaning performance.  It minimizes static charge to ensure that dust and dirt particles are not instantly attracted back to the connector end-face.  The card cleaner effectively removes contaminants such as oil, dust and dirt particulates that cause high insertion loss and reflectance that lead to connector damage and network failures.

Ordering Information

OPTIPOP-C OPTIPOP Card Cleaner, Case, 10 cleaning cards, 120 cleanings  8500-25-0900MZ
OPTIPOP-C Refills OPTIPOP Refill Cards, 100 cards, 1200 cleanings  8500-25-0901MZ

Fiber Optic Connector Inspection

Inspection is an essential step in cleaning fiber optic connectors.  Inspection enables the technician or installer to verify that the connector is free of contaminates that could permanently damage the connector end-face and lead to network failure.   To ensure your fiber optic connectors are clean you should follow the inspect-clean-inspect workflow.

See Fiber Optic Inspection for the NOYES family of inspection products.

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