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One-Click® Cleaners


  • Ergonomic, comfortable design with single action cleaning
  • Precise mechanical action delivers consistent cleaning results
  • Automatically advance ensures each clean is performed with fresh cleaning tape
  • Low cost per clean


  • Cleans connectors on jumpers and in adapters
  • Effective on a variety of connector styles
  • A must-have for field technicians
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Product Description

Cleaning saves time and money. Dirty connectors cause a major percentage of fiber optic network failures. Prevention is a simple as cleaning connectors!

With Innovative Push-to-Clean Design

The Original One-Click Cleaner is an easy-to-use option for cleaning connectors on jumpers and in adapters. Simply insert the One-Click Cleaner into an adapter and push until an audible “click” is heard. The One-Click Cleaner uses the mechanical push action to advance an optical grade cleaning tape while the cleaning tip is rotated to ensure the fiber end-face is effectively, but gently cleaned. The One-Click Cleaner is a must-have for field technicians. Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and a great addition to cleaning kits. Save your wrist – no more twist!

Compact One-Click Cleaner Mini: Offering the same technology and performance as the original, the One-Click Cleaner is now available in a smaller, more compact size, which allows for cleaning of connectors in tighter places. Its smaller size also makes it a great addition to test kits and cleaning kits. The One-Click Mini that is offered by AFL as a low cost solution with 100+ cleans per unit is now also available with same 500+ cleans per unit as the standard One-Click. The One-Click Mini is an effective, easy-to-use cleaning solution for SC, ST, FC, LC, MU and TFOCA connectors.

One-Click MT-RJ: The One-Click MT-RJ (Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack) is designed to clean both fibers of this small form factor connector. It complies with the EU/98/2002/EC RoHS directive and accommodates both male (pinned) and female (socketed) connectors with PC/UPC ferrules.

Rugged ODC Version: With the increasing demand of Outdoor Connector (ODC) plug and socket styles, the ODC One-Click Cleaner, which cleans the ferrules in ODC plug, socket and 1.25 mm ferrules, is an essential cleaning tool for WiMax Base Station, Fiber-to-the-Antenna, Broadcasting and Surveillance Video technicians.

One-Click Ultra Cleaner 2.5: The new One-Click Ultra Cleaner 2.5 has an enlarged cleaning area to clean more of the connector end-face. The One-Click Ultra Cleaner 2.5 cleans up to a 2 mm diameter area of the connector end-face. The One-Click Ultra Cleaner is a superior cleaner for SC, ST, and FC connectors.

One-Click Cleaner D-LC (Duplex LC): Reduce cleaning time with the new One-Click Cleaner D-LC. Offering the same performance and easy-to-use one-click technology as the original, the One-Click Cleaner D-LC cuts cleaning time in half by effectively cleaning both LC connectors of a duplex LC at one time. 500+ duplex LC cleans per cleaner (1000+ LC connector cleans).

One-Click Cleaner MPO: Designed to clean MPO and MTP® multi-fiber connectors used in Data Centers and other high density optical networks, the new One-Click Cleaner MPO is a revolutionary push-type cleaner,which simplifies cleaning of the ferrule end-face of both MPO/MTP exposed connectors and connectors in adapters. As with all One-Click Cleaners, the One-Click Cleaner MPO uses the innovative push-to-clean design. The mechanical push action advances the optical grade cleaning tape while effectively and gently cleaning the end-face of the connector.

One-Click MPO-16: The One-Click MPO-16 is intended for the cleaning of 16-fiber MPO/MTP connectors, both pinned (male) and socketed (female). MPO-16 is used with IEEE 802.3bs 400G trunk cabling with each fiber carrying 25 Gbps data signals (400GBASE-SR16 for example), among other applications.

One-Click Cleaner U.S. Patents: 7,212,719 and 8,087,118

Ordering Information

8500-05-0001MZ One-Click Cleaner SC, ST, FC (500 cleans)
8500-05-0002MZ One-Click Cleaner LC/MU (500 cleans)
8500-05-0004MZ One-Click Cleaner ODC (outdoor connector, 500 cleans)
8500-05-0005MZ One-Click Cleaner Mini-100 SC, ST, FC (100 cleans)
8500-05-0006MZ One-Click Cleaner Mini-100 LC/MU (100 cleans)
8500-05-0007MZ One-Click Ultra Cleaner 2.5 SC, ST, FC (enlarged cleaning area, 500 cleans)
8500-05-0008MZ One-Click Cleaner D-LC (Duplex LC, 500 cleans x 2)
8500-05-0009MZ One-Click Cleaner Mini-500 SC, ST, FC (500 cleans)
8500-05-0010MZ One-Click Cleaner Mini-500 LC/MU (500 cleans)
8500-05-0013MZ One-Click Cleaner MPO-16 (500+ cleans)
8500-05-0018MZ One-Click Cleaner HOC, Hardened Optic Connectors (500+cleans) 
8500-05-0030MZ One-Click Cleaner MPO (MPO/MTP, 500 cleans)
8500-05-0031MZ One-Click Cleaner MT-RJ (500+ cleans)

Cleaning Facts:

  • Cleaning saves time and money!
  • Dirty connectors cause a major percentage of fiber optic network failures
  • Prevention is simple – clean connectors!
  • Proper cleaning saves money by eliminating service calls caused by dirty connectors
  • Proper cleaning extends the life of connects and reduces replacement costs
  • Clean connectors maximize the performance of the network and reduce repair cost



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