CS260 Contractor Series OTDRs best
CS260 CS260 Front Panel CS260 Contractor Series OTDRs best

CS260-10 Handheld FTTH PON Troubleshooting OTDR


  • 1625 nm, 35 dB FTTH Live PON OTDR with integrated PON Power Meter
  • Detect closely spaced events with 0.8 m event dead zone
  • Pinpoint faults using integrated Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
  • Rugged, lightweight, handheld design
  • High-contrast, backlit display easily viewed, even in direct sunlight
  • All-day battery operation without recharge or replacement
  • Instant On; Ready to test in < 5 seconds
  • Save & upload results in Telcordia .SOR file format


  • Locate fiber faults in live (in-service) FTTx PON
  • Verify downstream PON power levels at access point or ONT
  • Visually locate faults in splice enclosures using integrated VFL
  • Fiber summary provides end-to-end link length, loss, ORL
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Product Description

CS260-10 Handheld FTTH PON Troubleshooting OTDR

AFL's CS260-10 FTTx PON Activation and Troubleshooting OTDR enables cost-effective troubleshooting of FTTx PONs and point-to-point metro/access networks. CS260-10 includes 1625 nm Live PON OTDR providing 35 dB dynamic range, best-in-class 0.8 m event and 3.5 m attenuation dead zones, integrated PON power meter and Visual Fault Locator (VFL).

The CS260-10 is purpose-built for optical network activation and troubleshooting tasks. With its integrated PON power meter, the CS260-10 enables verification of downstream 1490 and/or 1550 nm power levels at an FTTx PON ONU or ONT. If downstream signals are absent or power is too low, the CS260-10’s 1625 nm Live PON OTDR allows a technician to scan the network from the ONU/ONT or a network access point to locate fiber faults such as macro-bends, breaks, poor splices and dirty or damaged connectors. The live PON OTDR utilizes an out-of-band 1625 nm wavelength to prevent disrupting the 1310, 1490 and 1550 nm signals present on an in-service FTTx PON.

The CS260-10 is a derivative of AFL’s popular OFL280 and FLX380 FlexTester families, offering the same ease-of-use, high-contrast indoor/outdoor display and over 12 hours of continuous battery operation. It also includes an integrated VFL (visible red laser) designed to visually pinpoint the location of macro-bends or breaks in splice closures, access terminals and splitter cabinets.

Over 1000 OTDR test results may be saved internally in industry-standard .SOR file format.  Stored OTDR results may be transferred to PC via USB port for viewing, analysis, and professional report generation using included Windows® compatible TRM® 2.0 Basic Test Results Manager software.


The CS260-10 includes rechargeable, replaceable Li-Ion battery pack, AC charger with country-specific power cord, user-specified adapters for the OTDR and VFL ports, dust caps for all ports, USB cable, TRM® 2.0 Basic Test Results Manager software, and a quick reference guide in any one of the supported languages.

For details and ordering information, see the CS260-10 specification sheet.


See the CS260-10 datasheet for additional accessories including:

​CS260 Prepaid Calibration Plans

Prepaid Calibration plans offer two annual calibrations at a discounted price. Cal Plus plans offer the same services as the Cal plans with the addition of a two year extended warranty (three years total coverage).

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