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OFL280_Link-Map OFL280 with ServiceSafe LinkMap and Event Table OFL280 Keypad OFL280 Basic Kit OFL280 OTDR, Source, Power Meter, VFL

OFL280 FlexTester Handheld OTDR with LinkMap


  • Simplify network troubleshooting using LinkMap™ with Pass/Fail!
  • 34 dB dynamic range with best-in-class dead zones (0.8 / 3.5 m)
  • Includes OTDR / PON OTDR, Source, Power Meter, VFL
  • ServiceSafe™ live fiber FTTx PON OTDR with integrated PON Power Meter
  • Indoor/outdoor display easily viewed, even in direct sunlight
  • Rugged, hand-held, light weight (0.8 kg/1.7 lb)
  • All-day testing with >12 hours continuous battery operation


  • Construction testing of FTTx PONs and point-to-point metro and access networks
  • High-resolution fault-location of dark or live FTTx fibers
  • Splice and connection verification (loss and reflectance)
  • Optical power and loss measurement with time-saving Wave ID
  • Fiber tracing and identification (tone signals or VFL)
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Product Description

OFL280 FlexTester Handheld OTDR wtih LinkMap

OFL280 FlexTesters offer an unmatched combination of fiber test functions, ease-of-use, portability, and value. All OFL280 FlexTester models include:

  • Single-mode, dual or triple wavelength OTDR with standard and PON modes
  • Optical Power Meter (OPM)
  • Optical Light Source (OLS)
  • Visual Fault Locator(VFL)
  • TRM 2.0 Basic Test Results Manager software
  • Optional FOCIS Flex or FOCIS PRO connector inspection solution

OFL280 FlexTesters are ideal for the outside plant environment – standard features include:

  • Powerful, easily-learned user interface
  • Color display easily viewed in both direct sunlight and dimly lit areas
  • 12 hours continuous operation from rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Fast power-up (< 5 seconds) with battery-saving auto-off
  • Rugged, but light weight at only 0.8 kg (1.7 lb)
  • Native language support in over a dozen languages

Using the new LinkMap with Pass/Fail option, even novice users can easily identify, locate and characterize connectors, splices, splitters, macrobends and fiber ends. LinkMap represents the tested network using color-coded icons, graphically identifying network elements and indicating pass/fail status. With the touch of a button, users can toggle between LinkMap and Trace views.

All FlexTesters include AFL’s exclusive Wave ID source and power meter capability. With Wave ID, the power meter automatically synchronizes its wavelength to that sent by the Wave ID source. Test time is significantly reduced, and wavelength setup errors (mismatch between source and power meter) are eliminated.

OTDR test results may be saved as .SOR files and transferred to a PC via USB or Bluetooth for viewing, printing, and analysis using supplied Windows® compatible TRM 2.0 Basic Test Results Manager software. TRM can also be used to view power meter results and prepare professional, customized test reports including OTDR and power meter results plus FOCIS connector inspection images.

Advanced analysis and reporting capabiities, including macro-bend detection and bi-directional trace averaging, are available by upgrading to TRM 2.0 Advanced.


OFL280-100 provides a great balance of function and value for out-of-service network testing. Dual-wavelength testing at 1310 and 1550 nm is normally sufficient to certify FTTx PON and point-to-point networks, detect macro-bends, and troubleshoot out-of-service optical networks.

OFL280-102 offers 1310/1490/1550 nm OTDR / Source wavelengths for more complete testing of out-of-service PONs.

OFL280-103 triple-wavelength model adds patented ServiceSafe™ live fiber testing with integrated PON Power Meter. PON testing is simplified with the following functions all provided from a single test port:
  • Certify dark PON and point-to-point networks at 1310/1550 nm
  • Perform high-resolution fault-location on in- or out-of-service FTTx PONs at 1625 nm
  • Measure downstream FTTx power levels at 1490 and 1550 nm 


OFL280 FlexTesters are available in multiple kit configurations to best meet your needs:

  • FlexTester Complete2 Kits -- Combines user-selected OFL280 FlexTester with standard accessories plus FOCIS Flex Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System, user-selected Optical Fiber Identifier, 150 m Fiber Ring launch cable and cleaning supplies in a rugged, waterproof hard-shell carry case. Includes LinkMap with Pass/Fail and TRM 2.0 Advanced upgrades!
  • FlexTester PRO2 Test & Inspection Kits -- Combines user-selected OFL280 FlexTester with standard accessories plus FOCIS Flex Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System and optical connector cleaning supplies in a rugged, waterproof hard-shell carry case. Includes LinkMap with Pass/Fail and TRM 2.0 Advanced upgrades!
  • FlexTester with Soft Carry Case -- Combines user-selected OFL280 FlexTester with standard accessories Plus One-Click Cleaner in a convenient, lightweight soft carry case. LinkMap with Pass/Fail and TRM 2.0 Advanced upgrade available.

All OFL280 FlexTester kits include (1) SC and (1) FC adapter for the OTDR/OLS port, (1) 2.5 mm universal adapter for the OPM port, (1) 2.5 mm universal adapter for the VFL port, USB cable (connects with Type A USB port on your PC), Windows-compatible TRM 2.0 trace analysis and reporting software, rechargeable, replaceable Li-Ion battery pack, and AC power adapter with a country-specific power cord. Specify the connector ferrule finish (UPC or APC) at order entry time.


Download the OFL280 Specification Sheet for complete configuration and ordering information.

Select OFL280 model based on required OTDR test wavelengths:

  • OFL280-100:  1310/1550 nm out-of-service point-to-point or PON testing
  • OFL280-102:  1310/1490/1550 nm out-of-service point-to-point or PON testing
  • OFL280-103:  1310/1550/1625 nm (filtered) in- or out-of-service pt-to-pt or PON testing
Select OTDR / source connector type (APC or UPC).
Select OFL280 Kit configuration:
  • (Absent):  OFL280 basic kit with one-click cleaner, standard accessories, soft carry case
  • LM:  Add LinkMap with Pass/Fail and TRM 2.0 Advanced upgrades to your basic kit
  • CMP2:  Complete2 Kit with FOCIS Flex, choice of OFI, fiber ring, cleaning supplies, case
  • PRO2:  PRO2 Kit including FOCIS Flex, fiber ring, cleaning supplies, case

Select OFL280 language (English, Simplified or Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish).

OFL280 Accessories:

OFL280s are supplied with SC and FC OTDR/OLS connector adapters plus 2.5 mm universal adapters for the OPM and VFL. See OFL280 Specification Sheet or Related Products for additional accessories including:

OFL280 Software Update:

See Software Resources to download the latest free software update for your OFL280 FlexTester.

Prepaid Calibration and Extended Warranty Plans:

Prepaid calibration plans are available with or without extended warranty.  For details see the Prepaid Calibrations and Calibration Plus plans related products page.

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