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FTK Pro Installer Kit
FTK Pro Installer Kit Duffle-Bag_Fiber-Rings_Cleaning FR_all Box-with-Adapters-1 Box-with-Adapters-2

FTK Pro Installer Kit


  • Multimode and single-mode fiber ready
  • Includes M310 QUAD OTDR with VFL
  • Includes OPM5-2D meter, OLS4 source
  • Includes Focis Flex inspection scope
  • Various accessories and cleaning supplies
  • Rugged transit case
  • Test Results Manager software for documenting networks and generating acceptance reports


  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 testing of premise networks
  • Clean, inspect, and test fiber optic networks
  • Verify integrity of installed fiber networks
  • Fast fault location
  • Splice verification
  • Network documentation and reporting
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Product Description

FTK Pro Installer Kit

The FTK Pro Installer Kit from AFL is the perfect all-in-one fiber optic test equipment kit. The FTK kit provides a wide selection of fiber optic testing, cleaning, and inspection equipment to enable technicians to install, troubleshoot and maintain fiber optic networks. Complete with multimode and single-mode test equipment, the kit also includes test accessories in a convenient tough injection-molded ABS carry case. The Pro Installer Kit is ideal for TIA Tier 1 and Tier 2 testing of premises (building and campus) networks or certification and troubleshooting of fiber networks.

The FTK Pro Installer Kit includes an M310 QUAD OTDR, a variety of Fiber Rings (launch/receive cables), an OPM5-2D power meter, an OLS4 light source, various adapters and mating adapters, multiple test jumpers, a FOCIS Flex fiber optic connector inspection system, and cleaning supplies that include One-Click® connector cleaners, OPTIPOP-R cassette cleaner, FCC2 connector cleaner & preparation fluid, and CCT connector cleaning tips. The Pro Kit also includes Test Results Manager software, TRM® 2.0 Basic and Advanced, for analyzing data and creating reports.

Ordering Information

Part number        Description

FTK1-01-0906PR Kit Contents:

Quad OTDR, 850/1300 nm MM, 1310/1550 SM
Optical Power Meter (Wave ID, Set Reference, Data Storage)
Optical Light Source (LED and Laser)
Inspection Scope
Fiber Rings
(1 each)
FR1-L5-150-SC-ST        (50/125 Laser Optimized)
FR1-L5-150-SC-LC        (50/125 Laser Optimized)
FR1-L5-150-ST-LC        (50/125 Laser Optimized)
FR1-M6-150-SC-ST       (62.5/125)
FR1-M6-150-SC-LC       (62.5/125)
FR1-M6-150-ST-LC       (62.5/125)
FR1-SM-150-SC-ST       (SM)
FR1-SM-150-SC-LC       (SM)
FR1-SM-150-ST-LC       (SM)
SC, ST, LC for the OTDR/OLS ports (2 each)
SC, ST, LC for the OPM Unit
2.5 and 1.25 mm Universal VFL and OTDR
2.5 and 1.25 mm Universal, SC, ST, LC for FOCIS Flex
2 meters in length (2 each)
SC-ST                               (50/125 Laser Optimized)
SC-LC                               (50/125 Laser Optimized)
SC-ST                               (62.5/125)
SC-LC                               (62.5/125)
SC-ST                               (SM)
SC-LC                               (SM)
Bulkheads (mating adapters)
Cleaning Supplies
FiberWipes™ Mini-tub
FCC2 Fiber Connector Cleaner
Connector Cleaning Tips (for cleaning in sockets):2.5 mm and 1.25 mm
One-Click Cleaner SC/ST/FC
One-Click Cleaner LC/MU
Miscellaneous Accessories
(2) Mandrels: 62.5 µm, 3 mm jacket and 50 µm, 3 mm jacket
Stylus pen for M310 touch screen
USB thumb drive
Plastic parts boxes to hold adapters (Qty 3)
Hard carry case for equipment protection
Soft carry case to hold accessories
Report Software
Windows® compatible software and user guide


Prepaid Calibration Plans

For details see the Prepaid Calibrations and Calibration Plus plans product page.

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