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MFS Angled
MFS Angled MFS on Stand MFS Straight Multi-Fiber Switch with Rogue

Multi-Fiber Switch


  • 12 fiber switching capability
  • Dual wavelength, Single-Mode or Multimode
  • Bidirectional
  • Rechargeable Battery with USB port charging/communication


  • Converts a single port tester into a multi-fiber tester utilizing your existing OLTS, OTDR, and VFL test equipment
  • Efficiently test 12-fiber links without disconnecting/reconnecting
  • Bi-directional testing without moving cables

Product Description

Multi-Fiber Switch 

Efficiently tests multi-fiber links.

The density demands of today’s networks are driving more demand for multi-fiber connectivity. As the adoption of multi-fiber connectors becomes more prevalent in data centers, the ability to test these types of connections accurately and quickly has become even more critical. 

AFL's Multi-fiber switch enables the testing of 12 fiber cables without the need to use a breakout cable.  The switch allows you to utilize a single piece of test equipment to seamlessly cycle through all of the fibers in a connector regardless of polarity without having to disconnect and reconnect your test equipment making the testing of your network more efficient, saving you both time and money.

AFL’s Multi-Fiber switch can be used with AFL's Rogue platform to make testing automatic.

It is also compatible with your existing OTDR, OLTS and Certification equipment.

Ordering Info

Multi-fiber switches are available in single-mode and multimode configurations, as follows:
  • MFS-12-MM-USC: 12-fiber multimode switch, UPC-SC with soft case
  • MFS-12-SM-USC: 12-fiber single-mode switch, UPC-SC with soft case
  • MFS-12-SM-ASC: 12-fiber single-mode switch, APC-SC with soft case
  • MFS-12-SM-ASC-FR: 12-fiber single-mode switch, APC-SC with soft case & MPO fiber ring (non-pinned)

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