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OTDR LinkMap Event Detail Test Results Summary Trace View

ROGUE® LinkMap® OTDR App


  • Configure & control ROGUE OTDR tests
  • Automatically synchronize setup & results with aeRos
  • View OTDR results as LinkMap or Trace
  • Apply Link and Event pass/fail rules
  • Simple to use, familiar user interface
  • Available for any Android smart device


  • Installation verification and troubleshooting
  • Multi-function testing: OTDR, power, loss
  • Integrate with Multi-fiber switch for MPO testing
  • Real-time, on-site test data validation

Product Description

Built around you and the way you test your network

AFL's apps work seamlessly with the aeRos® cloud and ROGUE hardware platform to create just the test capabilities needed for a particular job. Test configurations and instructions are pushed from AFL’s aeRos cloud solution to the smart device app to simplify the process for technicians. Technicians receive a notification on their smart device and can perform required tests. When the testing is complete, the results automatically and seamlessly synchronize with the cloud. No more waiting for the technician to return with the USB stick and manually transfer the data. Instead you get instant access to the test results.

The LinkMap OTDR App runs on Android mobile devices and AFL’s ROGUE iB1 base unit to configure and control ROGUE RG-2100 OTDR modules, access and display OTDR results, and automatically transfer results to the aeRos cloud for archiving and reporting. The LinkMap OTDR App accepts projects configured in the aeRos Workflow Management Solution, and allows users to locally create projects and initiate tests.

Tested networks may be viewed using either an icon-based LinkMap (with Event Table) or traditional OTDR Trace display. The LinkMap view clearly identifies detected network elements including start, end, connectors, splices, breaks and macro-bends. Color-coded icons highlight passing and failing events when evaluated against either standards-based or user-set pass/fail limits. Both event and end-to-end link performance measurements are provided.

The LinkMap OTDR App also allows users to control and configure OLTS tests using the optional Source and Power Meter integrated into ROGUE RG-2100 OTDR modules.

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