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CLi Warranty Terms and Conditions

Subject to the limitations and conditions set forth, AFL warrants to the end-user that AFL’s family of fiber optic cables (loose tube, MicroCore, tight buffered, indoor/outdoor loose tube), connectors, and fiber management systems including all rack-mount and wall-mount products and associated parts will:

  • Be free from defects in materials and workmanship;
  • Meet or exceed AFL’s published performance specifications in addition to those specified or described within TIA/EIA-568-A, TIA/EIA 568-B.3 and ISO/IEC 11801 which are in effect at the time the product is shipped for as long as the end user occupies the building(s) into which the products were originally installed;
  • Support any current or future applications designed for transmission over a fiber optic cabling link or channel system as defined in the above referenced standards in effect at the time of the installation.
  • Warrantied to apply for a period of twenty-five (25) years commencing on the date of the completed installation by a certified active member of AFL’s Certified Link Installer (CLi™) Program.

Lifetime Warranty Definition

Fiber optic telecommunications systems have a lifetime definition of twenty-five (25) years after the initial installation of the passive fiber optic components. This lifetime is based on the workmanship and the material composition of the products.

Conditions for Application of the 25-Year Warranty
For an AFL CLi 25-Year Warranty to be valid the following must apply:

  • The channel/link system must be comprised exclusively of AFL products.*
  • An active AFL CLi must install the system in accordance with the methods and techniques as described within the current edition of the BICSI Cabling Installation Manual.
  • Installation must be in compliance with all applicable sections TIA/EIA 568 and 569.
  • The system must be certified by the CLi in accordance with the above-mentioned technical standards and have been registered with AFL prior to installation by providing the information requested in Exhibit A - Project Registration.
  • Within 60 days of installation the CLi must provide “as built” drawings (digital format is preferred) of the installation and all test data utilizing a AFL tester or equivalent, to AFL. The CLi must sign off all documents and forward to AFL.
  • If approved, AFL will issue an End-User warranty certificate and warranty number. A warranty number must be issued to activate the extended warranty.
  • All installation records must be current, reflecting any movements, additions, or changes. An active CLi member must perform all system movements, additions, or changes. Updated test results must be submitted within 60 days of completion for the warranty to remain in effect.
  • End user must comply with all terms and conditions of the extended warranty.
  • A Fujikura splicer must be used during the installation activities.
  • AFL will have no obligation for extended warranty until all invoices related to the products have been paid in full.

* Channel/Link is defined by TIA/EIA 568 and 569.

AFL Right of Inspection

As part of the AFL commitment to provide quality installation of the products subject to this warranty, AFL reserves the right to visually inspect any and all work performed by the CLi. This inspection may include verification of test results, confirmation of cable lengths, and any other tests or inspections AFL deems necessary and proper.

Reporting and Problem Resolution

Should the end-user or CLi believe that an AFL product covered by this warranty is defective or has failed to perform in accordance with applicable specifications, they must notify AFL via methods described within the Problem Reporting and Resolution Process contained in this document. AFL may, at its option, require inspection of the site in which the product is installed and the investigation of the product that is claimed to be defective. Failure of the end-user or CLi to permit AFL’s inspections will result in AFL’s denial of claim under this warranty.

Exclusions for 25-Year Warranty

This warranty does not include or apply to:

  • Products not specifically designated by AFL as being eligible for system warranty coverage.
  • Fusion splicer and test equipment.
  • Products not supplied directly by AFL or through channels approved by AFL.
  • Defects resulting from moves, adds or changes performed by installers not registered as an AFL CLi.
  • Defects occurring from non-compliant or improper system design, installation, use, repair or any systems changes, misuse, neglect, abuse, natural disaster, malfunction of other products, or accident.

Purchasers’ Exclusive Remedy

For products found out of compliance with this warranty, the purchaser’s exlusive remedy is repair or replacement of the affected products at AFL’s sole discretion.

Problem Reporting and Resolution Process

The process described below is listed in order. In all cases, time is of the essence.

  1. Notification of Problem
    • The end-user must notify the AFL Certified Link Installer™ (CLi) in writing of the nature of the problem, including description of the affected communication path(s) and the project’s CLi warranty registration number. This notification may be via email or express mail delivery.
  2. Confirmation of Problem
    • Unless the AFL CLi verifies that the malfunction is not AFL product-related, the CLi shall confirm receipt of the end-user communication to AFL within two business days.
    • The CLi shall forward a copy of the end-user communication to AFL.
    • As soon as reasonably possible, the CLi shall perform a site visit to determine the nature of the reported problem. This visit shall include adequate personnel and/or equipment such that the true nature of the problem can be determined to the customer’s satisfaction.
  3. The Contractor then has the following responsibilities:
    • Determine if the problem is caused by component malfunction or installation error.
    • Completely describe the problem and projected/actual costs of resolution on an AFL Warranty Claim Form, which Contractor can request as needed.
    • Assist the end-user with submission of a complete AFL Warranty Claim Form. Warranty claim forms should be forwarded to:

      170 Ridgeview Center
      Duncan, SC 29334
      Attention: CLi Administrator

  4. Remedy
    • If the problem is determined to be with AFL products subject to this warranty, the Certified Link Installer is to notify AFL in writing regarding the type and quantity of the material involved. Upon confirmation, AFL will forward replacement materials as soon as possible.
    • If the problem is determined to be with installation of the product, the CLi is to correct the problem to the point that the original performance level of the particular circuit(s) is attained.

Exhibit A

Project Registration

Contractor must register any projects that will be submitted for review to receive AFL’s End-User Warranty. Registration must occur prior to Contractor installing AFL material on a specific project. Contractor shall provide the required information to its appointed AFL sales contact.

Registration should include the following information:

CLi Contractor Information
Company Name
Point of Contact

CLi Contract Installers

End-User Information
Company Name
Point of Contact

Project Location
(if different)

Project Scope
(general description)

AFL product included in project
(listing of primary materials)

Start Date

Estimated Completion Date


CLi Information Download (pdf - 269kb)