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FAQ: FAST Connect and FuseConnect General

Q: What are the pros and cons of FAST Connect vs. FuseConnect for my application?
A: It depends on the specifications of the system being designed. FAST Connect should not be used in high-vibration areas such as a subway. FAST Connect can be replaced and reused up to 3 times. FuseConnect requires a fusion splicer for installation and provides users with a permanent solution. For additional support in choosing the right connector for you system, contact AFL technical support. 

Q: Can FuseConnect and FAST Connect be used with loose tube 900µm diameter cable?
 Yes. However, a special clamp or fiber holder may be needed to prevent the fiber from pistoning during termination.

Q: Why won't the fiber cleave after I strip the fiber to the appropriate lengths stated in the instructions?
A: The most common cause is failure to remove the 250µm coating from the bare fiber. This is a clear acrylate coating that must be stripped prior to cleaning in order for the cleaver to perform. If all coating has been removed, make sure the cleaver blade is cleaned. Follow the appropriate cleaning instructions for your cleaver. Remember to avoid touching the blade with bare hands.

Q: Will standard 50µm multimode fiber (MMF) connectors work with OM3/OM4 MMF connectors or will OM3/OM4 MMF connectors work with standard 50µm MMF connectors? Can you use OM3 MMF connectors in place of OM4 MMF connectors?
A: OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 represent different generations of multimode fiber (MMF). OM1 is 62.5µm core diameter, while OM2, OM3 and OM4 are 50µm core diameter. OM2 is considered standard 50µm MMF. OM3 and OM4 fibers are laser-optimized multimode fiber (LOMMF).

AFL has standard 50µm connectors that have black housings and LOMMF connectors with aqua housings. The LOMMF connectors are designed with OM4 LOMMF because OM4 is backwards compatible to OM3 LOMMF and OM2 MMF.

Q: Would you recommend FuseConnect and FAST Connect for outdoor use?
A: The FuseConnect and FAST Connect product lines can be used in a controlled outdoor environment. When in use outdoors, ensure the connectors are protected from harsh conditions such as extreme cold, heat and exposure to water. For additional information, please contact technical support. 

Q: What comes in the connector installation kit?
A: AFL offers a variety of connector installation kits designed to suit the needs of each product offering. The items in each installation kit can be found on the specification sheets which can be viewed or downloaded from the product pages in the following links.

FAST Tool Kit

FuseConnect Installation Kit

Q: Do you have both mechanical and fusion splice-on connectors? Where can I find connector specifications
A: We offer both mechanical and fusion spliced field installable connectors. FAST Connect is designed for single-fiber mechanical connectors. FuseConnect is designed for single-fiber fusion spliced field installation. Connector specifications for FAST Connect and FuseConnect can be viewed or downloaded from the individual product pages through the following links. 

FAST Connectors

Splice On Connectors FuseConnect Fusion Splice



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