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FAQ: FuseConnect Specific

Q: Why am I seeing bad cleaves when I place a FuseConnect connector into my fusion splicer?
A: Two areas can cause a "Bad cleave" error message to occur on the splicer, the factory prepared cleave and the customer's cleave.

In our manufacturing process, the quality of the fiber end face is inspected after the cleave and just before it is packaged. One package of six is pulled from production every hour. If one connector is found to be bad, the entire day's production is quarantined and inspected before it is placed in inventory. It is important that the customer is careful when removing the holder from the package and placing it in the splicer. If the fiber end is bumped on anything, it can break the factory prepared cleave and ruin the connector.

For the customer cleaved fiber, it is possible that the fiber end was bumped against something and damaged when transferred from the cleaver to the splicer. Again, it is important to protect the cleave during transfer. If the cleave fails after several attempts, replace or rotate the cleaver blade.

Q: Can non-Fujikura splicers be used with AFL's FuseConnect connectors? 
A: Yes, depending on the model of splicer. If the splicer contains pins to hold a fiber holder, the splicer is compatible with FuseConnect. If not, the factory polished ferrule holder will not sit in the machine, making it incompatible. For questions on a specific splicer, contact AFL technical support.

Q: Does it work with ____ splicer? 
A: The FuseConnect product line is designed to work with Fujikura fusion splicers, but will work with most fiber holder-type splicers. FuseConnect connectors are compatible with Fujikura splicer models 11S/R, 50R, 17R, 17S-FH, 60S/R, 18S/R, 19S/R, 12S and 70S/R. For more information on competitor splicers, contact AFL technical support.

Q: Does everything needed come with the connectors when purchased? 
A: No. The items that come with the connectors when purchased are the connectors themselves and installation instructions. All other items must be purchased separately. At minimum, the tools required for installation are a splicer, cleaver and stripping and cleaning tools.

Q: Which holders come with the FuseConnect tool kits, and what other items are needed to use the product? 
A: The FuseConnect accessory kit can be purchased separately or as a part of the FuseConnect tool kit. The accessory kit comes with all of the extra holders and clamps for a 60S or 70S Fujikura fusion splicer required for the termination of a single-ferrule FuseConnect connector. The tool kit also includes an accessory kit with the necessary stripping and cleaning tools required for termination, excluding a splicer and cleaver. A splicer and cleaver are both required to use FuseConnect connectors and may be purchased separately.

Q: What fusion splicer will you need to use the FuseConnect connector? 
A: FuseConnect connectors can be spliced using the following Fujikura Fusion Splicing Machines: 11-S, 11-R, 12-S, 12-4, 17 S-FH, 17-R, 18-S, 18-R, 19-S, 19-R, 50-R, 60-S, 60-R, 70-S, 70-R.

Q: What is the loss at the splicing point and connector? 
A: The typical loss at the splice point is 0.01 dB and 0.20 dB at the connector.

Q: What type of FuseConnect connectors are available? 
A: AFL offers single-mode and multimode (50µm, 50µm 10GIG, and 62.5µm) SC/UPC, SC/APC, SC/PC, LC/UPC, and LC/PC in 3mm, 2mm, and 900µm boot.

Q:Do you need to clean the fiber stub at the end of the FuseConnect connector? 
A: DO NOT clean the factory prepared end of the FuseConnect connector. This end has been pre-cleaned and pre-cleaved in the factory prior to shipment. Re-cleaning this end could cause damage to the cleaved end, which would make the connector unusable.

Q:Why does the protective sleeve not shrink onto the 900µm fiber? 
A: Please make sure that you are using the recommended heater mode for FuseConnect Connectors on 900µm fiber. If this is not working, check to make sure the heat sleeve is centered in the middle of the heater before heating. If it is off center the sleeve will shrink unevenly, and occasionally cause the sleeve to not adhere to the 900µm fiber.

Q: What are the 2mm or 3mm cable clamps used for? 
A: The 2mm or 3mm clamps are used to clamp onto the 900µm fiber inside the cable jacket. The clamps prevent the 900µm fiber from pistoning out of the jacket.

Q: Can you terminate the FuseConnect connector onto a Fanout or Breakout kit? 
A: Yes, we recommend using our Fanout kit. It will not melt the 900µm furcation tube in our external heater.

Q: Why would the FuseConnect connector melt back to a round end face during the termination process? 
A: There are 2 possibilities: the arc power (cleaning or splicing) is too strong, or there is an insufficient compression force of fibers (the holder may be caught somewhere such that it cannot move smoothly forward).


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