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Training from the best in the business

Instructor-led, hands-on training is the best way to learn about technology, equipment, hardware, and best practices for fiber optic communication networks. Education and training lower operating costs, improve installation efficiency, and reduce reworks and repair. Companies that invest in employee development retain employees longer and attract new talent, keeping them ahead in today’s competitive job market. Light Brigade provides training for all types of service providers, contractors, municipalities, utilities, data centers, campus networks, and beyond.

Some course examples:

  • Fiber Optics 1-2-3

    • Learn the fundamentals of multimode and single-mode technology and the hardware and equipment involved in common applications. This course covers general knowledge and skills for anyone working with fiber optics in the field or in a company involved in fiber optic communication products. Fiber Optics 1-2-3 provides the knowledge and skills training required to pass the ETA International FOI certification exam.
  • Advanced OSP Technician

    • This course reviews the fundamentals and then introduces students to industry trends, FTTx networks, emergency restoration, and fiber characterization to give experienced installers and technicians an extra level of knowledge. The hands-on skills training will increase their expertise with cable preparation, fiber routing, splicing and testing. This course provides preparation for the ETA's FOT-OSP certification exam.
  • FTTx Applications

    • With the right knowledge and skills training for just about anyone involved in or considering a Fiber to the Home/Building/User project, Light Brigade has three great course options. Click here for details on our FTTx for Installers and Technicians, FTTx OSP Design, and Certified Fiber to the Home Professional courses and certifications.
  • Fiber Optics for Utilities

    • The utilities series was developed in conjunction with the Utilities Technology Council and provides certification options for both technicians and designers. These courses cover all aspects of fiber optics as they apply in traditional outdoor utility networks and in substation environments. Heavy emphasis is on OPGW, ADSS, and application-specific practices.
  • Fiber Characterization

    • These courses can be tailored specifically to your application and requirements. Whether you need a short basics course or a deep dive with certification, we have an option for those looking at higher speed network support.
  • Restoration/Maintenance

    • Prepare your staff to handle emergency restoration scenarios in this course, which features a simulated network outage that attendees must diagnose and resolve in class. Come away with the right knowledge and a great tool to help with your company’s restoration planning.
  • Premises/Enterprise Networks

    • Learn about the key technologies and best practices for today's high-speed data center and enterprise networks. Understand why single-mode or multimode are used, how to test and certify installations, MPO connections, polarity options, and much more.
  • Fiber Optics for Wireless

    • For those working on extending fiber to equipment on towers and rooftops or even for DAS applications, there are a few unique challenges. This course provides good insight into fiber optic technology and the best practices for integration and installation of optical components in these applications. This course provides preparation for ETA's FTAA certification.


For dates and locations of our 140+ pre-scheduled training classes, or more information on all training, visit Light Brigade.

In addition to our most popular and traditional courses, Light Brigade offers course for fiber in harsh environments like in the oil, gas, and mining industries.

Light Brigade provides learning development services for companies that want to have their own internal fiber optic training classes. They can develop and deliver customized fiber optic training and train-the-trainer programs that meet your specific needs over a wide range of optical technologies and applications.

For more information on customized and on-site training, contact Light Brigade directly.

Online and remote options

For instances when classroom training is not convenient, Light Brigade has online training as well as a live, remote instructor-led class option. Tune in from your desk and enjoy all the knowledge lessons from Light Brigade’s Fiber Optics 1-2-3 course.

What people say about Light Brigade…

quote"The best instructor I've ever dealt with. I learned more in four days than I ever did in college."

- Jeremy Warren, Windstream


"Very beneficial. It has helped bring the theoretical to life and improve my communications designs."

- M. Davis, Traffic Engineer, Baton Rouge, LA

“I liked that no one manufacturer was pushed on us and that they had a good variety of equipment. By far the best instructor I have had.”

- Jason Pehr, ESPN

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