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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

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We understand OEM’s need for reliable resources to meet their equipment and service needs. AFL has extensive experience assisting OEMs with installation, support and maintenance services. It doesn’t matter if you need a field partner for single-site, or if you need a rollout activity touching hundreds of sites, we provide the resources you need for support and growth.

Because AFL is a certified services partner to major wireline and wireless carriers, we are able to work in a wide variety of central office, base station environments. Our enterprise services business is experienced with data center equipment support and a wide variety of enterprise technology refresh activities.


  • Engineering Services - AFL’s OEM Detail Engineering group consists of highly trained professional engineers. We provide unique capabilities to enter any environment from central office, row huts, CEVs, customer premise, to collocation sites, and are still able to be highly effective. Site visits determine integration of equipment in emerging or existing environments, to include superstructure, anchoring, cable racking, fiber ducting, AC/DC power, and cable and fiber requirements.
  • Equipment Rack & Stack – We provide customized integration and assembly of equipment components. Rack and stack services include pre-installation assembly of frameworks, cabinets, and structures that will save you time and money. Our trained OEM experts will take care of the whole process for you. They will design the rack, mount your gear, patch your rack, verify high-availability configuration, and power up your equipment. To simplify ongoing support, upon deployment, complete documentation and digital pictures of the entire installation will be provided.
  • Testing & Turn Up – AFL’s OEM experts perform testing of varying degrees, from shelf, bay, and system level testing, to initial sweep, turn-up and local testing, BER, and End-to-End testing, to System acceptance testing with a NOC. Additionally, our teams specialize in fiber characterization. 
  • Multi-site Rollouts - Our experienced staff have performed rollouts to tens of thousands of locations nationwide. No matter how complex or unique your deployment challenges are, chances are that we’ve done it before.