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Audio/Video Solutions

Audio/Visual Solutions

Capture attention with state-of-the-art AV services

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Give employees, customers, contractors, and vendors the technologically advanced Audio/Visual (AV) experience they expect and value. AFL’s professionals and trusted partners will help you assess your AV needs and analyze available products and services so that you can make the right decisions to address current and future requirements.

AV and IT now merge and overlap so thoroughly that it’s difficult to discern where AV ends and IT begins. Audio video integrated systems (also commonly referred to as AVIs) make it easier for businesses and educational facilities to communicate. These powerful, cost-effective tools offer solutions for the boardroom and the classroom alike.

Let digital signage welcome visitors with meeting information. An integrated paging system in your building provides clear messaging, as mass notification in an emergency or dissemination of important information tailored to a few, or increase employee productivity by providing music or mask office noise.

Whether your meetings are face-to-face or include people across the country or around the globe, fully integrated AV and IT give all attendees the engaging, informative, and uninterrupted experience you planned and prepared for.

The Modern Conference Room

conference room solutionsYou want to be as productive as possible in meetings and presentations with colleagues, vendors, and customers. Often this means having meeting space available on flexible schedules, and equipped with and connected for a range of technologies from mobile devices and computers to remote conferencing to shared touch screen capabilities. AFL will design, configure, and equip your meeting facilities to work seamlessly with modern technology to keep your business running efficiently through critical tasks:

  • Find and schedule available rooms.
  • Select "Welcoming Room" parameters for your presentation.
  • Support smart wireless presentation.
  • Feature non-compromised 4K Video.
  • Drop-in-place installation with minimum programming.
  • Centralize monitoring, control and data utilizations of each room.

Offered features include:

A/V Cables
Digital Signage
Document Cameras
Flat Panels
Image Processing
Large Format LED
Power Conditioning


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Sound Masking, Paging and Mass Notification

paginThese technologies allow your employees to be notified, focus more in an open environment, receive direction on what to do during an emergency, and even relax and enjoy some music.

In most office environments today, the space is designed to be open with collaboration in mind. Let our experts work with you to achieve a true focus space that encourages privacy and workplace comfort. We provide sound masking, also known as white noise, which can help achieve the desired results for privacy and noise cancellation. As every space is unique and the desired results are different for each client, AFL is able to help guide our clients to the right product for your facility’s individual needs.

Paging and mass notification systems are being used in many commercial environments today. Planning to get the word out should start at the beginning of space planning. A proper paging and mass notification system not only spreads the news, but also saves lives.

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