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Small Cell & Public Safety Solutions

Small Cell & Public Safety Solutions

Cellular coverage where you need it, when you need it

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Gone are the days of dropped calls and Internet dead zones. As our expectation for strong signals everywhere and as our need for security coverage have grown, technology has responded with low-powered cellular radio access nodes called “small cells.” Because cell tower signals only cover up to five miles if there are no obstructing buildings or landscape elements, strategically placed small cells boost cellular coverage by receiving and forwarding wireless signals from cell towers.

Installation of compatible small cells – micro, pico and femto cells – is becoming more common as second tier to macro network sites for LTE and 3G deployments both indoors and outdoors, with mountings inconspicuously placed throughout a building or on roof tops or poles. With AFL, you can use small cells alone or in conjunction indoor and outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems. Small cells augment the macro cell installation enhancing capacity and improving cell performance. Carriers use small cells because of their discrete size, energy efficiency, cost-to-deploy, and the ability to provision in high-traffic, high-data demand areas. Small cells boost coverage in busy inner city areas, malls, airports, campuses, and public buildings—anywhere people need service for phone, data, and public safety applications.

AFL delivers all aspects of small cell network design, deployment, integration and maintenance. We carry iBwave Certifications for in-building network design.

  • Project Management
  • Testing
  • Design
  • Field Site Survey
  • Installation
  • Commission and Integration
  • Optimization

Public Safety DAS or BDA Systems

Does your building need a public safety DAS or BDA system in order to get an occupancy permit?

Many local and state regulations now mandate public safety coverage inside buildings as a prerequisite for certificates of occupancy. Our team of signal experts is familiar with regulations across the country, and can perform grid testing to verify existing public safety signal conditions. Based on those results, we can design and install a public safety BDA to provide coverage and ensure your building meets local jurisdiction standards and operating protocols.

Public safety responsibilities create unique requirements, and AFL’s professionals can provide DAS designs, installs, and features to address those special must-haves.

  • Delivering in-building radio frequency coverage solutions and consolidated emergency communication systems
  • Meeting real-time, fail-safe needs of first responders, public safety agencies, and jurisdictions 
  • Providing advice about end-to-end solutions so that cities, counties, campuses, Multi-Dwelling Unit facilities, ports, and stadiums make smart, informed, and sustainable decisions about their wireless networks for public access, public works, and public safety applications
  • Delivering networks that support digital inclusion, improve public safety, help municipal employees be more productive, drive economic development, and enhance the quality of life for people living and working in these environments
  • Offering market-leading wireless solutions, including: Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 4.9 GHz public safety and 5.9 GHz ITS networks. Our mesh networks can be built from existing wired points-of-presence as needed, allowing you to deploy infrastructure only when and where subscriber demand and/or need exists, and additional nodes can be easily added to the mesh to target specific areas or buildings adding capacity as required