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Small Cell

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In the world of wireless technology, small cells are quickly becoming a valuable tool for boosting cellular coverage. In the past, macro networks, or cell towers, were the only way for wireless carriers to send wireless signals to their customers. A cell tower’s coverage footprint could span thousands of feet or up to five miles, offering carriers the ability to reach hundreds of potential customers. Unfortunately, cellular coverage from a tower can vary depending on your location, what type of building you are occupying or even landscape.

The installation of compatible small cells – micro, pico and femto cells – is becoming more common as second tier to macro network sites for LTE and 3G deployments both indoors and outdoors. Small cells augment the macro cell installation and provide enhanced capacity and improved cell performance. Carriers use small cells because of their discreet size, energy efficiency, cost-to-deploy and the ability to provision in high-traffic, high-data demand areas, such as busy inner city areas, malls, airports, campuses and public buildings.

For both indoor and outdoor applications, AFL provides the products and services that make small cell deployment even more of a preferred solution. From fiber-optic connectivity, enclosures and management to network design, site evaluation and deployment, AFL designs, installs and maintains these systems.

In addition, AFL works with wireless carriers through its Carrier Coordination Program to create a wireless solution that benefits all parties. With AFL, you can use small cells in conjunction with I-DAS and O-DAS or use them alone. No matter what wireless coverage problem you are having, AFL can provide a solution that is ideal for you.

Tell us who you are, and we’ll find a solution that is right for you.

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