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Property Owner or Tenant

Trust the experts and discover a reliable solution to your coverage issues

With years of experience in designing and installing structured cabling systems, AFL understands the need for quality cellular coverage. Whether you are a building owner or tenant, occupying a newly constructed, existing or LEED certified building, AFL can design and install the ideal network for your industry needs. Plus, our system monitoring services will keep your networks up-to-date and headache free.  

Stop waiting and get quality cellular coverage now.

Already made the decision to install a DAS? Then let AFL's Carrier Coordination Program speed up the process. With your needs in mind, our professionals create a budget for your DAS design and installation while working on your behalf to explore carrier support. When all parties work toward a common goal, our customers reap the benefits.

Planning a DAS installation? Could be the perfect time to upgrade your Wi-Fi.

Installing a DAS is not only a smart decision, but an opportunity to solve two problems with one solution. Since DAS and Wi-Fi tend to use similar pathways, upgrading your Wi-Fi during a DAS installation is simple and cost-effective. AFL's BICSI certified designers and technicians specialize in building pathways, giving you a single source for both technologies.

No jargon. Just answers.

Tired of trying to find a simple answer in a maze of technical jargon? At AFL you don't have to. We will explain the technology and what it means to your property and customers without expecting you to know what LTE, 4G and 802.11AC means. With AFL you can ask a simple question and receive a simple answer.

What will it cost?

Never be afraid to ask, "What will it cost?" AFL works with customers to create the ideal project budget that is unique to their business needs. From designing your project to installation and maintenance, AFL is there to help you along the way. Whether you want to build in phases or need to know your upgrade options, our experts provide clear and fast answers. All you have to do is ask.

Tell us who you are, and we’ll find a solution that is right for you.


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