Ease Deployment with Sidewinder Rapid Cable Deployment System

They say “time is money.” No one wants to waste time. Every day we direct our efforts towards discovering more ways to save ourselves time, or to help others save time. At AFL, we are committed to engineering products that will help you save time.

You probably know AFL for our market-leading fiber optic cables, but our product lines expand far beyond cables. One product that we are excited to introduce is our cable deployment system. Cable deployment can be a difficult task, especially in harsh environments. We saw a need to decrease the time and energy it takes to deploy cables in the field and increase your efficiency in your tasks and we developed a solution.  

Our new Sidewinder Rapid Cable Deployment System is specially designed to help those who work in industrial or harsh environments. Whether you’re in the broadcast, military tactical, mining, or oil and gas industry, this deployment system will help you install cables both quickly and reliably.

Our engineers designed the sidewinder reel system with customer convenience in mind. With its lightweight material, built-in carrying grips and removable handle, the deployment system is easily portable, converting from a tripod stand to a caddy for easy transport. When working on larger jobs, customers can take advantage of the unique design of the reel that allows it to lock together with other reels. This not only allows for multiple cables to be deployed at once, but it also makes storage and shipping more manageable. The reel is designed to give you access to both ends of the cable while providing protection the cable ends from damage. The design even includes built-in storage for a field cleaning kit or repair kit so that you are always prepared for the unexpected. AFL manufactures the reel deployment system in three different size to store cables up to 1,000 meters long so that you have a solution that works best for you.

We know that you need solutions that will help you do your job more quickly and reliably. The Sidewinder Rapid Cable Deployment system provides that solution. Our desire is to bring more value to you, and this product does just that. Contact your sales rep or distribution partner today to discover how you can start utilizing this reel system to increase efficiency and reduce costs.