Streetcar Project Snapshot

AFL specializes in many areas and tries to meet every customer’s needs. The AFL Assemblies and Components’ extensive product portfolio has improved streetcar systems in big city locations, such as Atlanta, Detroit and Cincinnati. All were major cities in need of a safe and efficient streetcar system for the public.

AFL was able to erect numerous site-specific specialty fabrications to secure its products to field attachments under bridges and onto surrounding buildings. Some of these being Cantilevers, Backbones, Tension Reducers and much more.

Each project included over two to three miles of Single Wire Fixed Termination (SWFT), Single Wire Auto Tensioned (SWAT) Overhead Contact Systems (OCS), Reduced Tension OCS and Off-Wire Charging Stations (CT) OCS. Also, in Detroit, T-Rail Charging Stations were installed to allow the Detroit Streetcar to perform off-wire for smaller distances on the vehicles battery system.

What products were used?

  • Fiber optic cable, Fiber optic cable hardware
  • Copperclad steel
  • Overhead electrification
  • Alumoweld®
  • Substation and grounding
  • Underground connections

Why is this important?

AFL was able to advance the Atlanta, Detroit and Cincinnati public transportation system to help the people living within get where they need to be...and more efficiently. The Atlanta Streetcar makes up to 12 stops on its route, some of which being the famous Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola and the World Congress Center. Detroit and Cincinnati’s includes 18 stops and up to five streetcars at any time.

Want to read the full versions of each city? You can read them here: