aeRos? Workflow Management Solution ? Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone

Do you need a more reliable, efficient process to test your network? Then AFL’s aeRos, an open cloud-based test workflow and data management platform, is the solution for you. 
Technicians face several challenges that inhibit their efficiency on the job site. First they need to determine the right tools and configurations for testing. Effective communication and coordination between the field and office is difficult, at best. Providing direction on what, where and how to test, getting test data back to the office and avoiding retesting and truck rolls are just a few examples of challenges technicians come across with a conventional workflow.
The aeRos platform allows users to easily and efficiently manage their test projects from end to end while also lowering operating costs and enhancing compliance and security.
Cost savings can come from improved efficiency through cross-functional workflow management, by sharing projects over distances, at varying time and with different equipment. Additionally, through the use of AFL’s Rogue® modular platform, test instruments all integrate seamlessly, allowing you to get the most from your investment.
By setting up projects remotely, the field technician can be ready to test when he arrives on the job site. This improves overall quality by helping to eliminate data entry time and reduce errors in the field. The data captured in the field automatically syncs back to the office, allowing for on-site data validation. Now reliable reporting is easier and faster, and the technician can provide a report and invoice before leaving the job site.
The ability to track status and evaluate data in the field allows you to address problems in real time, which cuts down on unnecessary truck rolls and retesting. No more waiting days, rescheduling visits to job sites and repeating tests. This alone could reduce labor costs by up to 50% because now you’re only spending one day in the field. 
Since the data is synchronized in real time and always available, results can be accessed from anywhere at any time. And with data stored securely in the cloud, you’ll never lose data to theft, damage or carelessness.
aeRos workflow seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, tying together data and results across your fleet, independent of vendor and format. The set up and report capabilities are consistent across desktop, laptop and smart devices. 

To watch a demo of the aeRos cloud-based workflow and data management solution, click here.