AFL Community Outreach


Imagine building a foundation so that communities can thrive. Imagine a team of individuals who come together to build on that foundation. Imagine making a lasting impact on the lives of strangers. Imagine being a part of a company that does this.

Community outreach is a fundamental part of AFL’s culture. When we reach out, we see our commitments come to life. We have mentored young children and watched them graduate from high school. We have planted trees and seen growth in a community. We have donated food, clothing and gifts for children and families in need, witnessing the gratitude. We envision even more as we search for new ways to increase our impact.

AFL’s Outreach Program consists of several initiatives all with the same goal—to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Take a tour of our programs. Let us show you how we make it happen with…

Total Commitment and Endless Possiblities.


"Through the many outreach programs, AFL gives all of us the opportunity
to truly live our company values.We must grab these opportunities with both hands
and commit to having a positive impact in our communities."

Dan Brown
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom





Community Impact

AFL understands the need in the community by being embedded in the community. We take the time to make connections with people and organizations to learn where the greatest need is and turn those needs into opportunities. This is possible through our grants program which targets two areas:

STEM Education

Programs that provide children, youth and adults access to a quality education through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Youth Development

Programs that support children in meeting basic needs and building self-sufficiency

These two areas support our vision to positively impact communities and with focused effort, we believe our communities will prosper.

LEAP (Life Enrichment & Advancement Program)

Programs that support adults pursuing employment and self-sufficiency

These three areas support our vision to positively impact communities and with focused effort, we believe our communities will prosper.


"Throughout my time with AFL, I have appreciated the company’s commitments
to the corporate social responsibility strategy. Each program adds value and
enhances the purpose of my work at AFL."

Fiona Hill
Swindon, United Kingdom



Volunteer Projects

Volunteer Projects

ACT, iACT and Volunteers Choose

Lives can be changed but it is the hands and feet of volunteers that help champion change. AFL encourages our associates to actively engage with local organizations to enhance our communities by volunteering, serving on boards and committees, and spreading the word of the work they do. AFL has several programs that support these efforts:


ACT (AFL Community Team) projects involve associates, friends and family who volunteer for an organization. AFL may provide materials or financial support to enhance their efforts.


iACT Projects recognize the input of individuals volunteering 40 hours or more per year for a nonprofit organization. AFL supplements their efforts with financial support.

Volunteers Choose

This annual grant is voted on by all ACT and iACT volunteers who participated in community service during the previous year.




"When you volunteer…that feeling you get knowing that you made a positive
difference in someone’s life, no matter how small, far outweighs the sacrifice
of your time and effort. It just sparks something within you."

Ellen Catapang
North Grafton, Massachusetts



Annual Month of Service


Annual Month of Service

Around the world, AFL associates take part in Unite, a program held during September each year that connects us worldwide to organizations that need support. Volunteer teams serve the elderly, students, children, families and more. We build homes, serve meals, collect clothing and food…the possibilities are endless.

Service to one another strengthens our grip on our communities, helps us understand the need and prompts us to share the stories of organizations and their clients. The need is constant, and we are ready to serve.



"The saying – 'It takes a village' really is true. I give to the community
in the hope that I helped someone I would never have found on my own and that it
actually made a difference in their life."

Cindy Ullery
Spartanburg, South Carolina



Annual Giving Campaign

Imagine That!

Annual Giving Campaign

AFL’s annual Imagine That! Giving Campaign engages and educates associates around the world about the needs in our communities. Each year, we ask our associates to thoughtfully consider making a personal financial contribution that stays within their area.

In the United States, AFL supports local United Way chapters. Internationally, associates support organizations vital to a healthy community. AFL supplements all contributions with matching programs that increase the impact of their donation. We commit to make a difference together.




"By promoting and contributing to environmental values in schools, we are
impacting a younger generation. That inspires me to continue collaborating with
teams to seek out solutions on these issues. It’s easy to help when everyone cares."

Juan Andres Gonzalez
Monterrey, Mexico



Environmental Programs


Environmental Programs

AFL commits to the conservation of land, water, electricity and more. We support company-wide efforts that include planting trees, recycling materials and reducing waste to help preserve our environment. Protecting the resources that have been entrusted to us affects generations to come.

Over the past 10 years, AFL has increased recycling by 49 percent and reduced global electricity and water use by 26 percent each. This was accomplished while increasing our manufacturing footprint with three new facilities. Additionally, we have made an impact in the environment by planting and providing trees—more than 20,000 over a 10-year timeframe.

As a strategic community partner, we are focused on helping communities prosper.


"The wonderful result of community involvement is the desire to do more.
Once you start, it is easy to find so many other ways to connect with the community.
You quickly see that life is about being in service to others."

Kelli Matheny
Kent, Washington



Other Community Iniatives

And more…

Over the years, our culture of giving back has grown. Community Engagement is one of AFL’s Core Values and this value drives the priorities and decisions we make. We know that the need in our communities is great. AFL offers additional outreach programs including:

Naruse Academic Scholarship

Each year AFL awards two four-year scholarships to North American-based associates who have a child entering a college or university. The scholarship was named in memory of Toshihide Naruse, Managing Director of Fujikura, AFL’s parent company, whose contributions to AFL were significant.


AFL invests in events year-round that support our associates’ interests and that of organizations in our communities.

Disaster Relief

From hurricanes to earthquakes, AFL has matched the donations of associates to help when disaster strikes.

AFL’s culture is indicative of our community outreach. With a Community Advisory Board that provides insight to help us direct our efforts for greatest impact, we are connected to our community and eager to help. We know we have made a difference, yet there is still work to do. We are committed to continued financial support and volunteer efforts to change lives and build our communities.