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Imagine individuals and teams joining together to make a difference

Lives can be changed but it is the hands and feet of volunteers that help champion change. AFL encourages our associates to actively engage with local organizations to enhance our communities by volunteering, serving on boards and committees, and spreading the word of the work they do. AFL has several programs that support these efforts:

ACT (AFL Community Team)

ACT projects include associates, friends and family who volunteer for an organization. AFL may provide materials or financial support to enhance their efforts.

iACT (Individual Action)

iACT recognizes the input of individuals volunteering 40 hours or more per year for a nonprofit organization. AFL supplements their efforts with financial support.

Volunteers Choose

This annual grant is voted on by all ACT and iACT volunteers who participated in community service during the previous year.

AFL Volunteers Choose Program Awards $20K Worldwide
AFL Swindon Volunteers Choose Prospect Hospice for Grant
AFL Volunteers Choose Hope Center for Children and Hope Remains Ranch

Visit our community homepage for more information.