• ASCEND® Patch Cord Assemblies


    • Uniboot LC connector with field-reversible polarity
    • No tools required
    • Extended push-pull latching mechanism
    • Round 2.0 mm Plenum-rated jacket
    • SM, MM (OM3), and MM (OM4)
    • Bend insensitive fiber


    • Data Centers
    • Central Offices
    • Headends
    • Structured Cabling Networks


ASCEND patch cord assemblies are constructed with AFL’s DUAL-LINK cable and terminated with a field-reversible LC Uniboot connector.

This round cable design, coupled with the Uniboot LC connector, minimizes the front-side cabling footprint and reduces the impact on airflow up and down the rack, and between racks.

In addition to being field-reversible, the Uniboot LC connector also features an extended push-pull latching mechanism to improve finger access in high density applications.


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