• ASCEND® Tap Cassettes


    • Elite MPO connectors and adapters
    • LC Shuttered Adapters
    • Available with 50/50 and 30/70 Split Ratios to accommodate various Tap/ Pass Thru requirements
    • Installs into all ASCEND Housings from the front or rear
    • ITU-T G.657.D and G.652.A1 Compatible (SM)


    • Data Centers
    • Central Offices
    • Headends
    • Structured Cabling Networks


High demands placed on modern fiber optic networks requires effective monitoring to maintain optimal performance and troubleshoot system security or other signal issues.

AFL’s Tap Cassettes enable access points for monitoring live traffic signals in any fiber optic network.

Available with a variety of options to accommodate different split ratios for tap/ pass thru and input/ output configurations, it is quick and easy to tap and route network signals for any application.


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