• U-Series 6912 Fiber Breakout Box


    • Easy installation for cables with SWR technology
    • Secure metal clamp for differing cable diameters
    • Compatible with braided sleeve or hard plastic conduit
    • Up to 8 outgoing corrugated tubes with 864 fibers per tube
    • Support bracket required to secure breakout to panel


    • Hyperscale
    • Data Center
    • Colocation
    • Data Halls
    • Main Distribution Areas (MDAs)
    • Fiber Entrance Facilities


The U-Series Breakout box designed to house 6,912F high-core-count SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®) cables and distribute them to multiple splice and patch panels.

Its primary function is to ensure robust engagement with the cable and the safe transition to multiple panels, each of which will house 864 fibers.

The 6,912F breakout box is designed to be used with the 6RU Front-Access V-Panel (FVP).


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