• U-Series 6RU Front-Access V-Panel (FVP)


    • State-of-the-art V-shaped design with 3 slide-out drawers allows for simultaneous splicing in an ergonomic, modular, sleek interface
    • 6RU 19″ rack-mount panels are stackable for high fiber count SWR cables with the possibility of feeding in cable from the top or bottom
    • Ample slack in drawers enables splicing on a workbench at a safe working height as well as multiple re-splices
    • Each slide-out drawer comes pre-loaded with 12 x 24f FVP LC Cassettes with 200μm SpiderWeb Ribbon (SWR) LC Pigtails
    • Integrated mounting points for cable transitions ensure appropriate management of breakout from cable to splicing area
    • LC quad shuttered adapters help prevent the ingress of dust or debris whilst additionally providing laser eye safety
    • Accommodates 864f over 3 slide-out drawers, each containing 12 x 24f U-Series LC Cassettes
    • Pivoting front and back door can be removed during installation
    • 864f or 1728f SWR cable can be mounted from the left or right

    Accessories included with shipped panel:

    • Pre-loaded with 36 x 24f FVP LC Cassettes pre-installed with 200μm SpiderWeb Ribbon (SWR) LC Pigtails
    • 8 x Port Labels
    • 12 x Cable Ties
    • 6 x 144f Ribbon Mass Splice Tray
    • 72 x 12f Ribbon Splice Protectors
    • 8 x M6 Cage Nuts and Screws
    • 15m Nylon Braid
    • 1 x Fiber Braid Tube
    • 1x Electrical Tape
    • 2m Velcro


    • Hyperscale
    • Colocation
    • Data halls
    • Main Distribution Areas (MDAs)
    • Fiber entrance facilities


The 6RU Front-Access V-Panel (FVP) facilitates ergonomic, modular, and simultaneous cold aisle front-access splicing and patching of up to 864 fibers utilizing SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®) Technology.

The one-person 19” rack-mountable unit is easy to work with and both sturdy and lightweight. 3 slide-out modular drawers are dismounted from the panel and spliced in simultaneously providing a fast, efficient, and more comfortable cold aisle installation. Slack allows for simultaneous splicing to take place on a workbench at a safe working height.

A V-shaped design provides easy finger access and LC quad shuttered adapters help prevent the ingress of dust or debris whilst additionally providing laser eye safety.




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