• U-Series FVP Pre-Terminated Replacement Cassette


    • Pre-loaded cassettes with factory-terminated ribbon pigtail
    • 24 fibers per cassette terminated with LC connectors
    • Pivot cassettes facilitate easy field replacement
    • Low-loss premium termination for optimal optical performance
    • Installation time reduced for cost savings
    • SWR technology enables rapid mass splicing with 12 splices completed as quickly as a single traditional fiber splice


    • Hyperscale
    • Data Centers
    • Colocation
    • Data Halls
    • Main Distribution Areas (MDAs)
    • Fiber Entrance Facilities


U-Series FVP Pre-Terminated Replacement Cassettes are designed for the 6RU Front-Access V-Panel (FVP) for splicing and patching applications.

The cassettes are pre-loaded with a 24 fiber 200 μm SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®) LC Pigtail and can be easily installed in the 6RU FVP with its ample slack which also allows for splicing to take place on a workbench at a safe working height.


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