• UltraSlim 1RU V-Panel BASE-8 with 144 Fibers (with Rear Manager)


    • Dedicated BASE-8 configuration for 144 x Fibers
    • UltraSlim profile suitable for low depth racks or cabinet
    • Extraction-free LC port finger access
    • Improved installation time and cost effectiveness of single panel
    • V-shape profile improves patching management
    • Optimized Performance – Low loss MPO and LC terminations assure low insertion losses and power penalties in tight power budget, high-speed network environments
    • Rapid Deployment – Factory pre-populated panel saves installation time – 1 x click to connect 12 fibers using MPO interface


    • Data Communication Applications
    • Data Center Infrastructure
    • Storage Area Network – Fiber Channel
    • 40 and 100 Gbps Protocols


The UltraSlim 1RU V-Panel BASE-8 with 144 Fibers is designed to allow connection of BASE-8 100/40G (MPO) with lower-speed 25/10G interfaces (LC DX). High-density design offers optimal space management with tool-free extraction, finger access to LC ports. Fixed panel offers both installation speed and cost effectiveness against legacy high-density modular systems. The shallow depth of UltraSlim profile is unique making it suitable for low depth cabinet or racking systems. The V-shape front profile, together with cable management accessories, facilitates managing front and rear cabling. Low loss MPO and LC Premium terminations are offered featuring significantly improved low insertion losses for demanding low power budget, high-speed networks.


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