• 3456 Fiber Mass-Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet


    • Up to maximum of 3456 fiber count
    • Mass fusion splice for traditional ribbon and SWR fiber with option for standard fiber optic cables
    • Interchangeable cable tie-off brackets accommodate flexibility for various sizes of entry/exit cables
    • Easy-lift-off cover to access the Splice Tray Modular Backboard
    • Holes available for security padlock to secure cover to Splice Tray Modular Backboard
    • Adjustable working tray mounts in variable heights for easy storage in cabinet cover
    • Inside cabinet and outside cabinet pass-through space options allow cable management when using multiple splice cabinets


    • Building entrance facility
    • Data Center
    • Hyperscale
    • Telecommunications


The 3456F Mass-Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet is designed for use in a building entrance facility, providing an enclosure to splice ultra-high fiber count outside plant (OSP) cables to inside plant (ISP) cables. This lightweight and flexible cabinet provides a space-saving and cost-effective solution for easy installation by one person. Pass-through space provides cable routing for the installation of multiple cabinets.

The cabinet features 24 leaf-style trays which allow 144 fiber mass fusion splices per tray and a raceway and manifold system which ensures the 250 μm fiber is protected at all times.

There are various cable entry options at both top and bottom with modular tie-off points allowing up to 8 x Ø34 mm at a time. This Mass-Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet has the capacity to splice up to 3456F for SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®) and traditional ribbon cables. The cabinet can also be adapted to accommodate standard optical allowing for 36 splices per tray and a total of 1728 fibers.


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