• Optical Port Saver


    • Prevents damage to factory installed AFL OTDR and Troubleshooter ferrules
    • Allows damaged connectors to be replaced in the field
    • Supports APC and UPC ferrules and connectors
    • Available for single-mode and multimode OTDR ports



    • Protect OTDR ferrule from damage due to repeated mating
    • Avoid costly repairs due to damaged connectors
    • Avoid downtime to return OTDR for connector replacement
    • Convert APC to UPC and vice versa



The Optical Port Saver protects your OTDR ports from damage due to mating with dirty or damaged launch cables, patch cords or normal wear-and-tear. Equip your FlexScan FS200/ FS300 OTDRs or FlexScan TS100 Troubleshooter with a field-replaceable connector, which installs in seconds and accepts AFL’s tool-free interchangeable SC, LC, FC, and ST connector adapters.


Replace damaged connectors in the field: When normal wear-and-tear or poor cleaning practices damage the Port Saver’s end-face, replace it in seconds without having to return the OTDR to a service center for an expensive and time-consuming repair.


Easy to Install & Cost Effective: The Port Saver helps you avoid factory replacement of damaged ferrules caused by dirt and debris. Traditional repair time for factory OTDR ferrules can be over 1 week. With the Port Saver, you can simply swap out the damaged Port Saver in the field with a new one saving time and costly shipping charges to the factory. Its easy, quick, and you will be back to testing in about 2 minutes!


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