• Test Port Adapters

    Tool-free connector adapters allow connection of common fibre optic connectors and remove to support cleaning of launch ferule. Products with tool-free adapters include, FTS2, OLS2-Dual, OLS4, OLS7, SVA1 


Tool-free Test Port Adapters for

  • FTS2 Talk Sets
  • M200 Series OTDR Test Ports
  • M700 Series OTDR Test Ports
  • C8x0 Series Optical Source Ports
  • OFL Series OTDR Test Port
  • OLS2-Dual Laser Source
  • OLS4 Light Source
  • OLS7 Laser Sources
  • SVA1 Attenuator

Model Type
2900-50-0002MR FC
2900-50-0003MR SC
2900-50-0004MR ST
2900-50-0006MR LC


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