Category 6


Category 6 patch cords used in Unshielded Gigabit networks at the cross-connect or work area
Category 6 U-UTP cable used for Gigabit networks in either horizontal or backbone subsystems
Reduce Diameter Patchcords that are Category 6 Channel compliant only. They have a moulded boot and latch protection.
AFL's Secure RJ connectivity solution locks the patch cord into the outlet and can only be removed with the application of a colour coded tool.
AFL's Velocity Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet (MUTO) provides a flexible interconnect point for copper cabling solutions.
AFL's Velocity Patch Panels come in a variety of configurations including, flat, angled and staggered, and accept any of our range of RJ45s.
Category 6 UTP RJ45 outlets available with both Keystone and Clipsal/HPM mounting clips
Fully-terminated and tested copper cabling solution for Category 6 UTP and Category 6A Shielded systems