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Category 6A


Category 6A F-UTP Cable used in 10 Gigabit networks and horizontal or backbone cabling subsystems
Fully Shielded RJ45 Category 6A Outlet for use in 10 Gigabit networks
AFL's shielded patchcords exceed Category 6A standards and provide exceptional EMI protection.
AFL's Category 6A STP Outlet with side entry is ideal for use in 10 gigabit cabling systems and for cables terminated in limited space like skirtings and ducts.
Category 6A channel compliant reduced diameter patchcords with moulded boot and latch protection.
Preterminated copper in bundles of 6 and clipped directly into the AFL Velocity Patch Panels.
Category 6A RJ45 fully-shielded field terminable plug
Category 6A RJ45 Patchcords with LED lights in either end. The Owl-Eyed Tool can be plugged into one end (without disconnecting the circuit) to identify the other end of the circuit.
Tool used on the Owl-Eyed Traceable Patchcords. Simply plug into one end of the patch cord, push a button and both ends of the cord light up.
AFL's Secure RJ connectivity solution locks the patch cord into the outlet and can only be removed with the application of a colour coded tool.
AFL's Velocity Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet (MUTO) provides a flexible interconnect point for copper cabling solutions.
AFL's Velocity Patch Panels come in a variety of configurations including, flat, angled and staggered, and accept any of our range of RJ45s.
Category 6A U-FTP Cable is used in 10 Gigabit networks as well as horizontal or backbone cabling subsystems.
Category 6A UTP Patch Cords with a low-smoke zero halogen (LSZH) sheath are ideal for use in unshielded 10 Gigabit structured cabling solutions.
Category 6A RJ45 outlet can be used in 10 Gigabit networks.
Category 6A U-UTP Cable suitable for use indoors and is available with both PVC and low-smoke zero halogen (LSZH) sheaths.
Fully-terminated and tested copper cabling solution for Category 6 UTP and Category 6A Shielded systems