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Interlocked Armoured Distribution Cable
Interlocked Armoured Distribution Cable

Indoor/Outdoor Interlocked Armoured Distribution Cable


  • High crush resistance and mechanical strength
  • Rodent and termite protection
  • Eliminates need for separate metallic conduit
  • Greater flexibility than traditional CST style armoured cables
  • Fibres can be directly terminated, no need for fan-out kits or splicing thereby reducing losses


  • High mechanical strength, rodent or termite protection
  • Where greater flexibility is required in an armoured cable construction
  • Where the breakout and termination advantages of a distribution style cable is required in an armoured construction

Product Description

AFL's Indoor/Outdoor Interlocked Armoured Distribution Cable is ideal for applications requiring a metallic conduit style armouring. This type of cable design is perfect when high mechanical strength and rodent protection is required around a user-friendly indoor/outdoor style distribution (riser style) cable.

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