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288 Fibre SWR Wrapping Tube Cable
288 Fibre SWR Wrapping Tube Cable 288 Fibre SWR Wrapping Tube Cable CS

SpiderWeb Ribbon® Wrapping Tube Cables


  • High fibre count
  • Compact diameter
  • Comprising SWR technology enabling ribbon or single splicing


  • Underground in conduit
  • Underground direct buried
  • Short and long haul backbone applications
  • Rapid deployment
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Product Description

Axial wrapping tube cable comprising 288, 432, 576, 720 or 864 Spider Web Ribbon™ G657.a1 fibres contained within 72 fibre coloured wrapping tube bundles which are water blocked and strengthened with four non-metallic strength members bonded to a polyethylene (PE) and an outer insect resistant Nylon jacket. Surface printing includes length marking at one metre intervals. 


Spider Web RibbonTM (SWR) Wrapping Tube Cable (WTC) is an ideal solution for long haul backbone networks requiring rapid deployment. The SWR fibres allow for single element splicing or mass fusion splicing. The unique SWR bonding structure maximises fibre packing density resulting in a reduced diameter cable relative to stranded or conventional ribbon designs. This makes for easier installation into pre-populated duct networks and allows for longer lengths per drum, reducing inline splicing as well as freight and storage costs. Combined with its dry core which further reduces fibre preparation time, SWR WTC is the ideal solution for faster more cost effective network builds. 

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