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Premise Fibre Cable


Armoured Tight Buffered CPC Cables incorporate 4 to 144 fibre count CPC cables in a jacketed, aluminum interlocking armour. Jacketed aluminum interlocking armour provides the best balance of ruggedness, flexibility, and low weight.
Rugged easy to use composite cable consisting of flexible stranded Copper conductors and integrating communications links utilising fibre optic technologies.
AFL Ruggedised Indoor/Outdoor Riser Breakout cable is suited for applications requiring a high performance fibre optic cable. Water-blocked and reinforced with all-dielectric strength members within the core, this cable can withstand the rigors presented by higher end installations.
ROHS compliant Multifibre Riser cable constructed from 900um PVC Tight buffer jacketed fibres, stranded together with aramid yarn and flame retardant PVC sheathed for indoor versions or water-swellable aramid reinforcing and blocking yarns and typically over-sheathed with black UV- resistant and flame retardant PVC for indoor/outdoor versions.